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Lake Predil SUP tour

€55/person - 3h

Are you in for a challenge? 
The Soča downriver tour is the answer! Going down the river on a paddleboard is easy and fun.
At first, it's quite a challenge to keep standing up when going through the rapids but don't let that scare you off. 
If you find it hard to do, you can always sit down on the board and enjoy the stability of the paddleboard (very stable compared to kayak)


We will meet at a cafe in the main square of Bovec where we'll introduce ourselves over some delicious coffee and cakes. We then board a comfortable van and start our journey north towards the hidden jewel, Lake Predil. The road takes us through beautiful nature with many historic sites dating back to Napoleon’s times. 

Upon arrival, we will set up our equipment and have a brief lesson on paddling techniques. There is nothing to worry about, paddleboarding is easier than it looks! If you struggle to find balance, you can kneel on the board and go from there. When we're all comfortable on our boards we will start the journey around the lake. Along the way, we will tell you about the lake's origin and its rich history. About halfway through, we will take a break on a beautiful beach and have a little snack. With our energy replenished, we then head back to the van, pack the boards and drive back to Bovec.

€45/person - 3,5h

  What's included

  • Comfortable air-conditioned transport to the lake and back

  • High-quality paddleboards and wetsuits (if needed)

  • Brief lesson on paddling techniques

  • Snacks (potato chips and apples)

  bring with you

  • Swimsuit, towel, water, and warm clothes

  Please note

  • 4 legged friends are welcome (they can join you on your board)

  • Minors can attend with parents (they can paddle alone or join their parents on their board)

  • In the case of a bigger group (4+) we can, by prior arrangement, pick you up at a location of your choice (within 3km of Bovec)

Soča downriver SUP tour

The Team


Hi! My name is Andrej and I'm an experienced whitewater guide living in the amazing Bovec valley. My purpose, to share the love for paddleboarding, began when I was first introduced to this beautiful sport a few years ago. We were kayaking at a lake with my friends when a group of people effortlessly glided past us on a paddleboard. I immediately decided to try it out and from there on was hooked! During my years of working as a rafting and kayaking guide, I've gathered a lot of knowledge about water sport dynamics and safety precautions. That enables me to provide a professional and safe paddleboarding experience for you to enjoy to the fullest.


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