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Stand Up paddleboarding (SUP) Most na Soči




About the trip

Get ready for an unforgettable paddleboarding experience in one of the most picturesque locations on the Soča river! Far from the tourist crowds, the river canyons offer the perfect setting for paddleboarding. The towering walls, reaching up to 15 meters above us, create an intimate and secluded atmosphere, making this adventure truly unique.

As we navigate the canyons, we'll observe the diverse wildlife and even jump from the cliffs into the crystal-clear water. At the end of the canyon, we'll take a break to savor a delicious snack and soak in the magnificent surroundings.

Our top priority is to ensure that you have a memorable trip and cherish the magic of this place forever. Join us on this adventure and experience the Soča river canyons like never before!

€65/person - 4,5h

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   What's included​

  • Comfortable air-conditioned transport to the Most na Soči and back

  • High-quality paddleboard, neoprene suit & shoes, life jacket

  • A lesson on paddling techniques

  • Snacks (potato chips and apples)

  • Professional photos

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      Please note

  • Your four-legged friends (pets) are welcome to join (they can join you on your board)

  • Minors can attend with parents (they can paddle alone or join their parents on their board)

  • In the case of a bigger group (4+) we can, by prior arrangement, pick you up at a location of your choice (within 3km of Bovec and on our route)


    bring with you

  • Swimsuit

  • Towel

  • Water

  • Warm clothes


We will begin our paddleboarding adventure by meeting at our base in the center of Bovec where we will introduce ourselves over a warm cup of coffee. Once we are acquainted, we will provide you with all the equipment necessary for our excursion. We will then hop on a comfortable van and embark on a picturesque journey southward towards the stunning emerald Lake Most na Soči, passing through the charming historical towns of Kobarid and Tolmin en route. The drive will take around 40 minutes and will showcase the mesmerizing beauty of the region.

Once we arrive at the lake, we will set up our boards and offer a brief lesson on paddling techniques. We will begin with the basics, starting on our knees and then gradually progressing to the standing position. If you encounter any difficulty, we will be right there to assist you until you find your balance. When we are all comfortable on our boards, we will start our journey across the lake and into the mesmerizing Idrijščica canyon.

The canyon is a serene and private location, far from the tourist crowds, and provides the perfect place to paddleboard. We will be surrounded by walls that rise up to 15 meters above us, offering an unforgettable and exclusive experience. During our journey, we will observe the local wildlife and may even have the chance to jump into the water from cliffs. Once we reach the end of the canyon, we will pause for a rest on a beautiful beach and enjoy a little snack.

After our break, we will continue our journey back to the starting point and then drive back to Bovec. By the time we finish, you will have learned how to paddleboard like a pro and will have created unforgettable memories that you can share with your loved ones. We take pride in making sure that you enjoy the trip and remember this magical place forever.


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